In Depth: Top 50 best Linux apps 2011
Posted on: 09/07/2011 12:47 PM

Techradar posted a roundup of the top 50 Linux apps

In Depth: Top 50 best Linux apps 2011

For everyone at Linux Format magazine and most of its readers, computers and Linux are a passion.

Linux is perfect: its open source nature and excellent shell make it the ultimate hobbyist's operating system. Fortunately, there's a huge number of top-class applications available as well: market leading packages for professional and consumer level media creation, tools for developers, systems administrators and students - as well as great games to help you procrastinate on a Friday.

Here we introduce you to the 50 best apps for Linux. We didn't just want the 50 most popular, so we asked our readers on TuxRadar for their favourites in a bid to discover some little-known gems.

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