How to customize Ubuntu 10.04 desktop
Posted on: 05/25/2010 03:52 PM posted a guide about customize your Ubuntu 10.04 desktop

How to customize Ubuntu 10.04 desktop

It’s been almost a month since Ubuntu 10.04 was released. I’m not a fan of Ubuntu, but Lucid Lynx, the code name for the latest version of Ubuntu, is, in so many ways, a better operating system to use than prior releases. However, it still falls short in some areas. This aim of this article is to offer customization tips to those new to the operating system. Tips that will enhance the default configuration and, therefore, make it a whole lot more fun to use than the default configuration allows.

Customization tips that will be covered in this article are:
Install Flash player, Java JRE and other restricted software
How to play encrypted DVD videos
Install and Enable NTP
Enable Compiz Fusion, a 3D compositing window manager
Tweak the screen saver and power saving options
Modify window behaviors
Modify startup behaviors
Install and enable Gufw, the graphical firewall configuration utility
Let’s get down to business.

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