Hearts for GNOME
Posted on: 05/01/2006 10:01 AM

Hearts for GNOME has been released

Hearts for GNOME is an implementation of the classic card game for the GNOME desktop, featuring configurable rulesets and editable computer opponents to satisfy widely diverging playing styles. Hearts is Free Software, released under the GNU General Public License and should be able to run on any computer that can run the GNOME desktop.

* Various rulesets with configurable options
* Multiple computer opponents with differing styles of play
* Drag drop adding of new opponents
* Easy creation and modification of opponents through the Lua scripting language

* libglade 2
* lua 5.0

Currently there is no official release, but the code in the Subversion repository should compile and run, giving you a good impression of the game so far.

Hearts for GNOME

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