Guikachu 1.5.3
Posted on: 09/11/2004 05:16 PM

A new unstable release of Guikachu is available.

Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical editing of resource files for PalmOS-based pocket computers. The user interface is modelled after Glade, the GNOME UI builder.

* Uses GNOME-VFS, you can load files from anywhere, e.g. from the
Web, from an SMB share, from a tarball.
* Exporting to/importing from PilRC .rcp files
* Support for non-Palm PilRC targets (like the eBookMan)
* Support for the following PalmOS resource types:
- String and string list resources
- Dialog resources
- Menu resources
- Form resources
- Bitmap resources
- Per-application resources (e.g. version number)
* WYSIWYG Form Editor, with drag drop capability and visual resizing
* Flexible, complete undo support
* Sample file with sample GNU PalmOS SDK-based application
* Documentation (a complete user's manual)

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