gtk-engines 2.6.5
Posted on: 09/04/2005 06:44 AM

gtk-engines 2.6.5

gtk-engines provides a central location for commonly used GTK+ engines. It currently supplies several engines and default themes for those which have one.

Overview of Changes in 2.6.5 (since 2.6.4)

* Fixed bugs:
#314100 - Tiny cleanup in thinice theme style code
#165864 - Progressbar with fraction 0.01 shows as 100% (in Mist engine)
#305963 - The leftmost tab in tabbed widgets is not drawn correctly (in
Crux engine)
#110758 - Bad code in crux theme

* Updated Clearlooks theme using latest engine features. Using the more
vibrant selection color from Shaun McCance.

* Fixed memory leaks in Clearlooks engine.

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