Gtk2-Perl 2.17.90
Posted on: 01/22/2007 10:15 AM

This is Gtk2-Perl 2.17.90, a set of Perl bindings for various GNOME libraries. It includes:

* Glib 1.142
* Gnome2 1.040
* Gnome2::Canvas 1.002
* Gnome2::GConf 1.040
* Gnome2::VFS 1.060
* Gtk2 1.142
* Gtk2::GladeXML 1.006

Note that this release contains stable tarballs for Glib and Gtk2, whereas the previous Gtk2-Perl 2.17.x release contained unstable tarballs for those two. This was a mistake that has now been rectified.

Tarballs can be downloaded from:

Changes in this release:

Overview of changes in Glib 1.142

* Switch back to WIN32 instead of G_OS_WIN32 to avoid compilation problems. [Torsten]
* Use _strtoi64 and _strtoui64 on Win32 for large integer conversion. [Serguei Trouchelle]

Overview of changes in Gtk2 1.142

* Avoid segfaults in the GET_SORT_COLUMN_ID marshaller for custom Gtk2::TreeSortable implementations. [muppet]
* Expand documentation for Gtk2::RecentManager::add_item and Gtk2::RecentManager::add_full. [Emmanuele]
* Make the paths returned by Gtk2::IconView::get_selected_items usable. [Torsten]

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