GTetrinet 0.7.9
Posted on: 05/13/2005 08:02 AM

GTetrinet is a Tetrinet client for GNOME. Tetrinet is a variant of the popular Tetris brick game, that can be played simultaneously by 6 players. GTetrinet's goal is to remain completely compatible with the Windows, original client.


After some months, here comes a new GTetrinet release with a few fixes that will make everyone a bit more happy. Those using UTF-8 locales (half of the planet by now, I guess) will be happy to learn that GTetrinet doesn't suck anymore when using one of these, and will be even capable of showing non-ASCII characters in the partyline. You may also notice that gtetrinet starts giving you blocks to play with as soon as the other players get them. If you kicked ass at tetrinet using gtetrinet while your opponents used other clients, well, I guess you'll kick even more ass now. No more headstart for them. :) The ugly crashers in the channel list that made us disable it by default should be gone now, just in case you found the feature useful. Last, but not least, a nice number of translations were added or updated.

As you can notice, development is slow these days. If you feel you can help gtetrinet development, please come by the mailing list and say hello. There's a cool list of plans for future versions, but sadly everyone is too busy to make them happen. Just pop in and we'll tell you where you can look for new GNOME adventures. :)

Enjoy GTetrinet!

- Revamped encoding of data handling, fixing the output in partyline, etc. when using UTF-8 locales (Vidar Holen).
- Ported to use GtkAboutDialog (Pedro Villavicencio Garrido).
- Fixed network latency issues (Julien Plissonneau Duqu=E8ne).
- Fixed crashes in the channel list support (Julien Plissonneau Duqu=E8ne).
- New and updated translations: Traditional Chinese (GNOME HK Team), Canadian English (Adam Weinberger), Norwegian bokm=E5l (Vidar Holen), Bulgarian (Yavor Doganov), Kinyarwanda (Steve Murphy).


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