gs-common/epic Updates for Debian
Posted on: 04/16/2003 12:45 PM

Two new security updates for Debian GNU/Linux has been released

DSA-286-1 gs-common -- insecure temporary file

Paul Szabo discovered insecure creation of a temporary file in ps2epsi, a script that is distributed as part of gs-common which contains common files for different Ghostscript releases. ps2epsi uses a temporary file in the process of invoking ghostscript. This file was created in an insecure fashion, which could allow a local attacker to overwrite files owned by a user who invokes ps2epsi.

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DSA-287-1 epic -- buffer overflows

Timo Sirainen discovered several problems in EPIC, a popular client for Internet Relay Chat (IRC). A malicious server could craft special reply strings, triggering the client to write beyond buffer boundaries. This could lead to a denial of service if the client only crashes, but may also lead to executing of arbitrary code under the user id of the chatting user.

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