GRUB in Debian HOWTO
Posted on: 10/20/2002 04:25 PM

Linux Orbit has posted a GRUB in Debian HOWTO

"Why use GRUB instead of LILO? Well, if you're reading this HOWTO, you're likely to already have your reasons for switching. But to give a couple quick reasons, you only install GRUB in your MBR once, it doesn't need to be reinstalled each kernel change like LILO, and you can also edit the boot entries, etc. from GRUB itself without having to boot first and change the config file. These are just some of my reasons, you can find more for yourself - but how do you set it up the Debian way? This HOWTO will show you how to install the GRUB bootloader, configure it, create GRUB boot floppies and keep your GRUB configuration up to date with your latest installed kernels easily."

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