Gossip 0.20 Released
Posted on: 12/09/2006 03:06 PM

Gossip 0.20 is now available for download from:

f7ba1b8be855d98b90917c21c7d3be6c gossip-0.20.tar.gz
5da570e2519b1acd088018c83599ebbd gossip-0.20.tar.bz2

What is it?
Gossip is an instant messaging client for GNOME with an easy-to-use interface, providing users of the GNOME Desktop with a friendly way to keep in touch with their friends.

What's New?
- Added chatroom browsing.
- Reworked the chatroom joining and creating experience.

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed #305371, Location of presence resubscription UI (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #322110, Problems with online states of buddies with multiple
accounts (Xavier Claessens)
- Fixed #359813, Add contact info label is cut off (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #368644, GossipAccount should have an "id" property (Eitan
Isaacson, Xavier Claessens)
- Fixed #369330, Online status displays away although one resource is
available (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #377867, GtkNotebook now support tab DnD, use it instead of
GossipNotebook (Xavier Claessens, Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #379079, Gossip shows roster when it was quit minimised (Martyn
- Fixed #380466, Make sure the UI loads avatars in a format/size
supported by the protocol (Xavier Claessens)

- Updated el: Dimitris Glezos
- Updated nl: Wouter Bolsterlee
- Updated sv: Daniel Nylander
- Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
- Updated ar: Djihed Afifi lt;djihed@gmail.comgt;
- Updated es: Francisco Javier F. Serrador

08 December 2006
Gossip team

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