gnoMint 0.1.5 released
Posted on: 05/16/2007 11:19 AM

I'm pleased to announce the 0.1.5 version of gnoMint: a graphical Certification Authority managing tool.

This version add some useful features to 0.1.4 version:
* gnoMint can import the public part of Certificate Signing Requests made by other applications as long as they are formatted in PEM or in DER formats. This way, gnoMint now is able to make certificates for remote people or systems that can create their CSRs with other instances of gnoMint or other software.
* gnoMint DB format version 3. This version of database format ensures that there won't be two or more CSRs in the database with the same Distinguished Name (DN).

It also fixes some nasty bugs:
* Now the private key of CSRs can be exported without errors.
* A just created CA has a default policy so it will be able to create useful certificates without change its default properties.
* Some UI bugs are corrected: some label alignments now look OK, and the progress bar again moves while creating certificates or CSRs.

It must be noted that all the databases created prior to 0.1.4 version must be converted to the new format (0.1.4 or higher). The conversion script gnomint-upgrade-db is included in the package.

About gnoMint:

gnoMint is a tool for an easy creation and management of Certification Authorities. It allows a fancy visualization of all the pieces that conform a CA: x509 certificates, CSRs, CRLs...

Currently, it allows the creation of CAs, CSRs and Certificates, and export both public and private parts of them into PEM formatted files.

However, gnoMint is now perfectly usable for managing a CA that emits certificates able to:
* Authenticate people or machines in VPNs (IPSec or other protocols);
* Secure HTTP communications with SSL/TLS secured web servers;
* Authenticate and cipher HTTP communications through web-client certificates;
* Sign and/or crypt e-mails

For compiling it, its dependencies are:
* GTK+
* Gnome
* SQLite 3
* libGnuTLS 1.0.14

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You can get the tarball from sourceforge mirrors:

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