GnomePythonExtras 2.11.3 (unstable)
Posted on: 07/22/2005 05:23 PM

GnomePythonExtras 2.11.3 has been just released. This is a unstable
release for testing and unstable application development.

GnomePythonExtras provides python interfacing modules for some GNOME
libraries not part of the Developer Platform. The following Python modules are included:

- gtkhtml2
- gnomeapplet
- gnomeprint, gnomeprint.ui
- gtksourceview
- egg.trayicon, egg.recent
- wnck
- gtkspell
- gtkmozembed
- gdl
- totem.plparser
- gtop
- nautilusburn
- gda
- gksu, gksu.ui (new!)

The source tarball can be found here:

Please file bug reports (bugs, missing APIs) here:

Overview of Changes from gnome-python-extras 2.11.2 to gnome-python-extras 2.11.3
* New modules
- gksu and gksu.ui (Gian Mario Tagliaretti)
* egg.recent
- Don't require librsvg-2, since it's not really needed (Gustavo)
- Resync sources with gnome cvs (Gustavo)
- Add wrappers for new EggRecentViewUIManager (Gustavo)
* egg.trayicon
- Resync sources with gnome cvs; fixes "1 pixel wide" bug (#172479) (Gustavo)
* general
- Fix dependency checks in; Now, the modules egg.trayicon,
gtkmozembed, and gtkspell should build on systems without gnome-python
or any gnome libraries installed.
- Documentation cross-module references now correctly handled (Gustavo)
* gtkspell
- Accept lang=None meaning NULL (Gustavo)
- Clarify lang parameter usage in docs (Gian)
* gtksourceview
- Documentation improvements (Gian)
* gnomeprint
- New gnomeprint and gnomeprint.ui docs (Gian)
* nautilusburn
- Make it compile with nautilus-cd-burner 2.11.3 (Tiago Cogumbreiro)
- Add constructor and new methods (get_media_type_full, door_is_open,
eject, unmount) to nautilusburn.Drive (Tiago)

Happy testing!

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