GNOME War Pad 0.4.0
Posted on: 07/06/2005 08:11 AM

A 'VGA Planets' client for the GNOME platform. VGA Planets is a turn-based space strategy game that can be played by 11 players at once. This game is being played since Fidonet times, and have lots of fans that still play on those old DOS clients, it's time for a GNU/Linux one :-)


* Feature: several misc improvements to Quark plugin. Thanks Cristian!
* Feature: when the player clicks on the Finder planet list, the
starchart selects the planet.
* Feature: Rafael Riedel contributed with a planet and starbase image,
thanks a lot!
* Feature: first version on data writing: DAT files from planets, ships
and starbases, use with caution! :-)
* Feature: Kero's kmkturn code integrated to GWP to generate turns.
* Feature: some UI modification to allow the player to change some
data (planet's taxes and friendly code randomic generation)
* Feature: planet's property-changed signal added to PluginManager's
event hub.
* Feature: added some standard friendly codes and their descriptions
to the FC combo box selection.
* Feature: Game Manager now stores a new data field on every game:
the host's type.
* Feature: The game manager also stores a flag to indicate wether or
not GWP should touch the game's data files, disabled by default.
* Feature: game settings can now be accesed from GWP's main screen.
* Feature: added methods to GwpGameState to access all host config
properties. Thanks Franois!
* Feature: Host configuration settings are now parsed from messages
and loaded to GwpGameState, thanks Franois!


* Bugfix: minimal enhancements to Finder plugin. Thanks Nico!
* Bugfix: Updated pt_BR translation. Thanks Carlos Paulino!
* Bugfix: add_plugin_slot() didn't reparent the widget when necessary,
thanks Cristian for the report!
* Bugfix: unpack now detects if RST is winplan or dosplan type, and
creates KOREx.DAT or not...thanks Cristian for the report!
* Bugfix: several changes on Debian's control files to comply to the
Debian Policy manual.
* Bugfix: Some migrations from GtkCombo to GtkComboBoxEntry widgets.
* Bugfix: MDATAx.DAT were loaded incorreclty on races gt; 9, using
letters instead of numbers for the race name.
* Bugfix: German translation updated, thanks Stefan!
* Bugfix: French translation updated, thanks Franois!
* Bugfix: Some bugfixes from Debian BTS. (#314051, #304225)
* Bugfix: Spanish translation updated.


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