GNOME War Pad 0.3.0
Posted on: 05/24/2004 11:01 AM

GNOME War Pad 0.3.0 has been released

A 'VGA Planets' client for the GNOME platform. VGA Planets is a turn-based space strategy game that can be played by 11 players at once. This game is being played since Fidonet times, and have lots of fans that still play on those old DOS clients, it's time for a GNU/Linux one :-)


- New ship pictures.
- UI usability improvements: starchart panning don't need the shift key anymore, the planets and ships get centered when double-clicking on them.
- New race icons on game manager.
- Planet names in starchart.
- Minefields, ion storms and planet names are toggled using the 'view' menu.
- Planet names only appear if zoom >= 100%.
- Starbase UI completed.
- Message reader implemented.


- Ship Fuel usage and mass calculation fixed.
- Several minor bugfixes.

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