Gnome-utils 2.15.0
Posted on: 04/24/2006 10:15 AM

Gnome-utils 2.15.0 has been released

With the start of a new development cycle, the gnome-utils team unleashes a new release of the GNOME Utilities package: 2.15.0, codenamed "Growing Family"!

The 2.15.0 release has been called "Growing Family" because sports the addition of a fine new utility: Baobab, a disk usage analyser; using Baobab you'll be able to see the disk usage of a folder inside a volume, both inside a tree and inside a treemap graph. Baobab has been written by Fabio Marzocca, a new contributor to GNOME, and has been helped by Benoit Dejean and Paolo Borelli. With Baobab, GNOME features a new utility which offers functionality that users other operating systems can only access through third party software.

This release is also called "Growing Family" because Jonathan 'jrb' Blandford, the maintainer of the Screenshot application, has become father of the little Eleanor: on behalf of the rest of the gnome-utils maintainers: congrats, jrb!

Gnome-utils 2.15.0

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