gnome-utils 2.11.2
Posted on: 07/14/2005 07:56 AM

This is the third release of the unstable branch of gnome-utils, so please beware : it could break your motherboard, crash your motherboard, erase your motherboard, burn your motherboard and send profanity emails to your motherboard.

Chances are it won't, though.

It is available at :

* What is it ?

Gnome-utils is a collection of useful utilities for the GNOME desktop that make your life easier, including:
* GNOME Search Tool
* GNOME Dictionary
* GNOME Floppy
* GNOME Log Viewer
* GNOME Screenshot

* Whats' new ?

GNOME Search Tool

* Fix drag-n-drop with nautilus CVS. [Dennis]
* Fix memory leaks and other bugs. [Dennis]

GNOME Dictionary

* Fix applet configuration saving [Leonardo Boshell]
* Misc fixes [Stanislav Brabec]
* HIG corrections [Dennis]
* Interface updates [Vincent]
* Use a GtkEntryCompletion (not working yet, see bug #308076) [Vincent]
* Fix bug #307684 [Vincent]
* Fix bug #304034 [Vincent]

GNOME Screenshot

* Nothing much

GNOME Log Viewer

* Fix bug #308382 [Stanislav Brabec]
* Add more default logs [Vincent]
* Fix bug #307642 (crash) [Vincent]
* Fix a few warnings [Kjartan Maraas]

Translation updates :

* bg [Rostislav Raykov], cs [Miloslav Trmac], de [Hendrik Brandt], en_CA
[Adam Weinberger], en_GB [James Ogley], da [Martin Willemoes Hansen], d
[Hendrik Brandt], et [Priit Laes], fa [Meelad Zakaria], gl [Ignacio Cas
Quinteiro], ja [Takeshi AIHANA], nb [Kjartan Maraas], nl [Vincent van
Adrighem], no [Kjartan Maraas], sr [Danilo Segan], th [Theppitak
Karoonboonyanan], zh_TW [Abel Cheung],

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