gnome-utils 2.11.1
Posted on: 06/09/2005 11:06 AM

gnome-utils 2.11.1 is out.

This is the second release of the unstable branch of gnome-utils, so it could break your desktop, crash your computer, erase your hard drive, burn your motherboard and send profanity emails to your parents. Chances are it won't, though.

It is available at :

* What is it ?

Gnome-utils is a collection of useful utilities for the GNOME desktop that make your life easier, including:
* GNOME Search Tool
* GNOME Dictionary
* GNOME Floppy
* GNOME Log Viewer
* GNOME Screenshot

* What's changed ?

GNOME Search Tool

* Add support for the GREP_COMMAND variable [Dennis]
* Fix bug #306355 - Add a --with-grep command line option [Dennis]

GNOME Dictionary

=09 * Let the user select the display font [Vincent]
=09 * More layout fixes [Vincent]

GNOME Screenshot

=09 * Nothing much

GNOME Log Viewer

=09 * When a logfile has archives, show a drop-down selection menu [Vincent
=09 * Speedup the loading of large archives [Vincent]
=09 * Speedup the treeview [Vincent]
=09 * Allow loading non-formatted log files [Vincent]
=09 * Show the number of log lines in the status bar [Vincent]
=09 * Remember the expanded rows when switching logs [Vincent]
=09 * Hide the calendar for freeform logs [Vincent]
=09 * Import the "find" toolbar from evince [Vincent]
Translation updates :

* bg [Alexander Shopov], cs [Miloslav Trmac], de [Hendrik Brandt], en
[James Ogley], en_CA [Adam Weinberger], et [Priit Laes], gl [Ignacio C
Quinteiro], ja [Takeshi AIHANA], nb [Terance Sola], no [Terance Sola],
[Theppitak Karoonboonyanan], zh_CN [Funda Wang]

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