Posted on: 03/05/2005 02:33 PM

gnome-themes-2.9.95 has been released

gnome-themes contains several desktop themes for GNOME, including themes for visually-impaired users, and the default desktop theme, "Simple".

This release fixes a build error that was blocking testing and l10n:

2005-03-03 Elijah Newren lt;newren@gmail.comgt;

* HighContrastLargePrint/icons/48x48/apps/clock.png:
* HighContrastLargePrintInverse/icons/48x48/apps/clock.png:
* LowContrastLargePrint/icons/48x48/apps/clock.png:

Add these files (they used to be named gnome-clock.png, but got lost from cvs when doing the rename). Fixes #168905.


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