GNOME Terminal 2.7.2
Posted on: 06/08/2004 11:06 AM

GNOME Terminal 2.7.2 has been released

Standard GNOME terminal application.

- Be more HIGgy in dialogs. In particular, be more precise in some labels, and make a few things (in)sensitive when needed.
- Do not accept repeated shortcuts (Kiran Kumar Immidi)
- Make gcc 3.4.0 like us (Stef van der Made),
- Add a confirmation dialog when closing a window with >1 tabs.
- Use the gnome-common scripts.
- Make the xterm color paletter exactly match xterm's.
- Now profiles can implement the analogue of xterm's -hold command line option (Kurt V. Hindenburg)
- Make sure all references into the documentation actually point somewhere.
- Recognize mailto: (with or without the mailto:...) and webdav: uris
- Updated translations: Jordi Mallach (ca), IBaki Larraaga Murgoitio (eu), Nirav, Ankit, Ankur, Atit, Bhavin, Kartik, Khushbu, Sweta (gu), Laszlo Dvornik (hu), Mohammad DAMT (id), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk).


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