Posted on: 02/23/2006 08:42 PM

gnome-speech-0.3.10 has been released

Gnome-speech provides a simple general API for producing text-to-speech (TTS) output. It also provides drivers for several TTS engines, both commercial and open source.

This is based upon the gnome-2-14 branch of gnome-speech and contains only the following changes since gnome-speech-0.3.9. These changes do not contain any string/API/ABI changes:

* Bug 332250: drivers/dectalk/dectalksynthesisdriver.c: fix some compilation warnings (Willie Walker)

* Bug 332247: drivers/dectalk/dectalksynthesisdriver.c: fix for DECtalk driver sometimes hanging indefinitely on exit (Willie Walker)

The code in GNOME CVS HEAD also contains these fixes as well as a new driver for speech dispatcher. A new version of gnome-speech-0.4.0 will be released at some point to include this new functionality, but not in the gnome 2.14 timeframe.


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