Gnome Specimen 0.2 released
Posted on: 06/05/2007 12:35 PM

Gnome Specimen 0.2 is out:

User-visible changes in this release:

* New artwork: application icon and image in about dialog
* Show previews for all font styles when a font family is
* Don't ellipsize the preview texts, scroll instead
* Use a more common pangram as the default preview text
* Allow zooming using ctrl-mousewheel
* Consistently use the correct application name
* Respect theme colors

Other changes:

* Store settings and defaults in GConf
* Allow running from the source directory
* Changed license to GPL only (copy-pasted boilerplate referred to LGPL as well)
* Better Python module checking

Translation updates (the Gnome community rocks):

* Brazilian Portuguese (Vinicius Depizzol)
* British English (Alex Jones)
* Catalan (Josep Puigdemont)
* Chinese (Lew Harper)
* Czech (Vitezslav Kotrla)
* Dutch (Wouter Bolsterlee)
* Finnish (Kalle Vahlman)
* French (Yan Brodeur)
* German (Christian Kintner)
* Greek (Dimitris Glezos)
* Italian (Daniele Medri)
* Norwegian Bokmaal (Runar Ingebrigtsen)
* Portuguese (Flavio Martins)
* Russian (Alexandre Prokoudine)
* Spanish (Albert Abril)
* Swedish (Maarten Woxberg, Daniel Nylander)
* Vietnamese (Nguy=E1=BB,n Thai Ng=E1=BB=8Dc Duy)

Get it while it's hot! Download Gnome Specimen 0.2 now!

* Gnome Specimen 0.2 tarball:
* Development branch (Bazaar-NG, bzr branch that url):

There's a provisionary Debian package as well, thanks to Daniel Holbach of Ubuntu fame. He has also uploaded Gnome Specimen 0.2 to Ubuntu Gutsy, so it is apt-gettable already! In the mean time, Debian and Ubuntu users may just download the file and run dpkg -i gnome-specimen_0.2-0_all.deb (as root) to install it.

* Gnome Specimen 0.2 Debian package:


Wouter Bolsterlee

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