gnome-games 2.9.7
Posted on: 03/01/2005 04:50 AM

This is the first (in fact only) release candidate for gnome-games 2.10. Since the last release there have been minor bug fixes and documentation and translation updates. The only expected changes between now and the 2.10 release are documentation polishing and further translation work.

You can get it from:

Bugs fixed:

- Make Neighbor and Helsinki work properly in click-to-move mode.
- Clarify the rules for Gay Gordons.

- Fix a crash on exit (again).
- Make sure everything is translated.

- Display the application icon properly.
- Translate the menus correctly.

- Draw the board properly if the toolbar is enabled.

- Clear the preview window when the game ends.

- Show the correct high score category when the game is won.
- (Hopefully) fix some start-up crashes.

- Draw the border lines correctly.
- More documentation updates.
- Show the correct high score dialog when we win.
- Add code to handle changes in theme names (only relevant for
gnome-games-extra-themes in CVS).
- Initialize the size menu correctly.
- Translate the menus and high score dialog correctly.

- Minor fix ups for some levels.
- Fill in more target scores.

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