gnome-games 2.9.3
Posted on: 12/22/2004 08:04 PM

gnome-games 2.9.3 has been released

*** WARNING ***

This release contains a rewrite of same-gnome. This rewrite is not complete and has some known bugs, so when filing bugs against same-gnome please consider the following:

*** Use the --disable-setgid option with configure or manually remove the setgid bit from same-gnome if you want it to run. ***

Please DO NOT report:
- Features that do not work. These are not complete.
- Changing the board size does do what you expect.
- The lack of your favourite theme.
- The speed/smoothness of the animation.
- The inability to turn animation off.
- The documentaion (it hasn't changed).
Please DO report:
- Constructive criticism of the UI (including the animation).
- Any crashes. These should not happen.

Also, do not look at the code. It will make you go blind. Especially render_cb ().


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