gnome-games 2.19.4
Posted on: 06/19/2007 05:43 PM

This is the fourth development release leading up to gnome-games 2.20.0, featuring many new features and bugfixes, as well as an experimental version for Windows.

* Download:

* Windows download:

* Website:

Overview of changes

* General changes:
- GamesConf, an API for storing user preferences has been added to libgames-support. GamesConf allows the games to store preferences using either GConf or flat files (#448432).
- Mingw32 compilation fixes for libgames-support (#448317).
- Correct icon names in desktop files (#444777).
- Check for gcc before adding -fsigned-char parameter (#445556).

* Aisleriot:
- Port Aisleriot to the new GamesConf API (#448432).
- Support for compiling Aisleriot with mingw32 (bug #448317).
- Don't use anonymous structs (#444802).

* Mines:
- Only redraw the necessary fields when clicking on a mine (#375691).

* glChess:
- Use correct pid not 0 for killing AIs (Bug #443073).
This is a severe bug that causes the X server to be
killed accidentally on some systems.

* Sudoku:
- Ensure that g_thread_init is called before all other GLib functions.
Fedora bug #241917.
- Disable saving and loading.
- Don't allow grey fields to be changed by mouse (#422666).
- Remove the option for selecting black background option (#395135).
- Store highlight setting in gconf (bug #445590).
- Set number popup transient for the main window. (bug #406767).

* Windows version of gnome-games:

The binary version for Microsoft Windows is now available for download.
Note that it requires GTK+ 2.10 and Guile for Windows. Currently only
Aisleriot is supported, but the other games are planned for porting soon.
For more information, see:

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