gnome-games 2.19.2 released
Posted on: 05/16/2007 11:20 AM

This is yet another development release of the 2.19.x development branch. Have a lot of fun!



Overview of changes:

* General:
- The translations of documentation and user-interface is well under way,
even to Occitan!
- gnome-games has been fully migrated to gnome-doc-utils. This means
that it will be easier for the hard-working translators to translate
the documentation. Thanks to everyone who helped with the migration.
(Bug #398471).
- GnomeGoal: fix gtk-update-icon-cache for uninstall-hook (Bug #436258).

* glChess:
- Set more configuration defaults in case schema is missing (Bug #434097)
- Prevent cluttering of home directory with logs (Bug #424010)
- Fix visible resizing when starting up
- Save window maximised state (Bug #404554).
- Update dummy OpenGL scene to have correct method arguments (Bug

* Sudoku:
- Fix a race condition which occurs when saving puzzles on exit.
The solution is to run the pickle operation atomically. This solves
Bug #409172 et al.

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