GNOME Games 2.15.92
Posted on: 08/24/2006 09:39 PM

GNOME Games 2.15.92 has been released

This is the final release candidate of gnome-games before 2.16.

New in this release:

- Updated GTali, Gnomines, Gnibbles, Gataxx and Iagno menu icons and added SVG versions of those from Daniel Derozier.

Known issues:

- Rasterizing the Mahjongg and Aisleriot playing field takes too long with the current SVG code paths. We hope to optimize this code for the final release.

Updated translations:

- Added and updated Oriya translation
- Updated Bulgarian translation
- Updated Indonesian translation
- Updated Swedish translation
- Hungarian translation updated
- Updated Russian translation
- Updated Vietnamese translation
- Fixed wrong translation in iagno in Finnish
- Updated Japanese translation
- Updated German translation
- Estonian translation updated
- Updated Dzongkha translation

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