gnome-games 2.13.7
Posted on: 02/13/2006 10:57 PM

gnome-games 2.13.7 is available

This is the second beta release of gnome-games in anticipation of the 2.14 release. There are a lot of bug fixes in this release.

- Yukon: avoid a premature end-of-game (callum).
- King's Audience: Stop the player from cheating in obscure circumstances (Zack Keane).
- Diamond Mine: Fix a crash when a complete stack of 13 cards is moved (Vincent Povirk).
- Avoid flicker when cards are moved onto empty slots (callum).

- Make sure the board is redrawn when the theme changes (callum).

- Record scores as something other than 0 (callum).
- Remove the empty category in the scores list (callum).

- Make sure the image files load with recent gdk-pixbuf implementations (callum).

- Fixes to the new safe-teleport code. The infinite teleports was a bug, as was the inability to teleport as the first move (callum).

gnome-games 2.13.7

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