gnome-games 2.13.1
Posted on: 10/24/2005 03:55 PM

gnome-games 2.13.1 are now available

This is the first release of the 2.13 development series. A lot has
changed and many bugs can be expected.

Big issues:

gnome-stones has been removed. Serious questions have been raised about the Copyright status of some of the code gnome-stones was based on and also some of the levels used. Given the earlier sound-effects problems and the general lack of maintenance of the game the best course of action appears to be euthanasia.

Both Gnometris and Ataxx have new drawing-engines based on the Cairo graphics library. The old themes are no longer usable (although this may change in the future depending on development of the librsvg library) and in the case of Ataxx there is only one theme. In fact, using the theme selector in Ataxx is likely to cause a crash - for the moment, don't use it. The other bug you should not report is that the graphics for Gnometris suck. I know, the current code is mostly proof of principle and will be improved.

There is a new high scores API. The games Mines, Five or More, Gnometris and Same GNOME use it. This change should be backwards compatible and, except for a change in the dialog, invisible.

gnome-games 2.13.1

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