gnome-applets 2.23.1
Posted on: 04/21/2008 11:53 AM

gnome-applets 2.23.1 has been released

I am pleased to announce the first gnome-applets release of the gnome 2.23 UNSTABLE series. The major user-visible changes are in the investment applet thanks to Matteo Zandi. There have also been some major changes in the background with a shift from glade to gtk-builder (this is Jaap Haitsma's work).

You can get it from:

The ChangeLog follows

- Callum

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.23.1
Codename: So Much For Subtlety

Changes since 2.22:
- General
- General conversion from glade to gtk-builder for all applets
(Jaap Haitsma).
- Accessx
- Fix the launching of the properties dialog (Matthias Clasen).
- Battstat
- Docs updates (Leonardo Ferreira).
- Invest applet
- Major UI renovation, including a better indicator, spark-lines and
labels on the stocks drop-down window (Matteo Zandi).
- Mini-commander
- Set the window hins for compositing window managers (Danny Baumann).
- Mixer
- Better window type hints for compositing window managers (Danny
- Keyboard Indicator
- Replace deprecated functions (Sergey Udaltsov).
- Sticky Notes
- Use the correct icon in the about dialog (Jaap Haitsma).
- Weather
- Move the XML parsing code to libgweather (Vincent Untz).

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