gnome-applets 2.11.1
Posted on: 07/03/2005 08:03 AM

gnome-applets 2.11.1 has been released

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.11.1
"Couldn't do it better with a laser, a torch and a mountain full of dynamite"

Changes (abridged):
* battstat
- FreeBSD support (Joe Marcus Clarke)
- Optional libnotify support (Davyd Madeley)
- Interface cleanup (Davyd Madeley)
- Addition of "Ubuntu-mode" (Ryan Lortie, Davyd Madeley)
- Testing backend (Ryan Lortie)
* cpufreq
- Error dialogs are non blocking (Dennis Cranston)
- Able to change governer (Carlos Garcia Campos)
* drivemount
- Offer g-v-m style actions (Emmanuel Touzery)
* gswitchit
- bugfixes (Sergey V. Udaltsov)
* gtik
- use GtkColorButton instead of GnomeColorPicker (Michael Terry)
* gweather
- search weather locations (Esteban Sanchez)
- Add Beaufort wind speed scale (Davyd Madeley)
* mini-commander
- replace GnomeColorPicker with GtkColorButton (Michael Terry)
* mixer
- make mixer insensitive if there is no mixer available, only show the
warning once (Ronald S. Bultje)
- control multiple tracks (Jordan Saunders)
- use startup notification when launching main mixer app (Dennis Cranston)
* multiload
- use startup notification when launching the gnome-system-monitor
(Dennis Cranston)
* stickynotes
- use GtkIconTheme instead of GnomeIconTheme (Michael Terry)

Heaps of other stuff too, but my hands are too cold to type it all in. Thanks to everyone, especially the translators, who my digits are too frozen to really appreciate line by line.

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