GLib 2.13.4 released
Posted on: 06/06/2007 11:32 AM

GLib 2.13.4 is now available for download at:

glib-2.13.4.tar.bz2 md5sum: 47477a53d6ad4c7a690a8f75c284e1b7
glib-2.13.4.tar.gz md5sum: c6f5ba5dfd84329a5c974085321fdd57

This is a quick followup release to make sure that the new functionality introduced in 2.13.3 is testable.

The following bugs have been fixed:

444121 g_get_user_special_dir deadlocks
444161 invalid UTF8 in key name shows up as valgrind error in g_...
444130 g_option_context_get_help() is broken when there's a desc...

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