Glade 3
Posted on: 08/13/2006 03:12 AM

The full-featured long awaited release of Glade 3 is now available

Its been 5 years in the making and here it is, get these tarballs while supplies last !

Where can I get it ?
[MD5: 27fdc2562b264f4f8a6ad0e38df81b55]

The Glade Homepage: will be updated with news
and screenshots and documentation and such shortly... you'll also be able to read more about this release in the august edition of the gnome journal at

Known Issues
Well we all know that no software is completely bug free - So before we get all kinds of reports about things that we already know about and are working on - here is a list of bumps and kinks you might find:

- DevHelp 0.11 causes strange bahaviour at glade startup (DevHelp 0.12 is out and can be used instead), use --without-devhelp option if its giving you pain (bug 344043)
- Namespace issues with libglade - this means if you are an embedding IDE application, you cannot currently safely link against the glade code library and libglade
- Notebook tab-labels are not created automatically (for the time being, you must add your own tab labels to the placeholders in newly created
notebook tabs) (bug 345438)
- Packing properties are not transfered at Copy/Paste time (bug 345604) (Theres a patch on this one and should be available shortly in a followup release)
- Paste only works once for every copied widget (bug 345603).

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