Gimmie 0.2.5 released
Posted on: 03/18/2007 01:05 PM

Gimmie is a unique desktop organizer designed to allow easy interaction with all the applications, contacts, documents and other resources you use every day. Gimmie can be run as a stand-alone application or added as a GNOME Panel applet.

To see some pictures of Gimmie in action, check out the Developer Resource Page located at:

Version 0.2.5 sees an amazing run towards stability as user interest begins to pick up: more and more people are using Gimmie and filing bugs. In fact, this release brings with it upwards of *48* bugs fixed since 0.2.4!

Otherwise, Version 0.2.5 includes:

* Hordes of bugfixes and stability improvements
* Improve async loading and memory pressure
* Support marking Drives as Favorite
* Improved sizing of applet menus
* Open Tomboy note:// URLs correctly. (Sandy Armstrong)
* Handle non-UTF8 filenames

You can download it here:
md5sum: 06a766537eb84564e04c6aa8a1551aeb
size: 604KB

Special thanks goes out to everyone who helped file and track down bugs. As well as everyone out there telling their friends about Gimmie. Your work has made this release the most stable yet, with people now able to enjoy using Gimmie every day. Things should start to get exciting now!

If you're interested in steering the future of this maturing project, sign up for the Gimmie discussion list by visiting


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