GGV 2.8.4
Posted on: 03/07/2005 04:14 PM

GGV 2.8.4 has been released

Released on a rather sad day, when the European Council Presidency declared the software agreement of 18 May 2004 to have been adopted, in violation of the procedural rules and in spite of the evident lack of a qualified majority of member states and the requests of several states to reopen negotiations.

For the first time in history (no, luckily there's no men raining) of the best brand among PostScript previewers, there is a release that... (meaningful silence)

...brings you nothing new whatsoever! no, wait! it was just me being lazy, the translators have been - as usually - really busy, so the 2.10 release of your favourite desktop environment is going to show off a PostScript previewer with updated Romanian (MiAu), traditional Chinese (Abel), Serbian (Danilo), Italian (Francesco), Danish (Martin), Gujarati (Ankit), Ukrainian (Maxim), Catalan (Jordi), Korean (Changwoo), Swedish (Christian), French (Cristophe), Estonian (Ivar), Bulgarian (Vladimir), Russian (Leonid), Finnish (Pauli) and Greek (Nikos) translations.


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