GGV 2.8.3
Posted on: 02/02/2005 07:24 PM

GGV 2.8.3 has been released

That should not insist on having a peek at each remote URI in your recently used document list. Let's give Mark McLoughlin a big hand for his patch!

Apart from that I have made the code compile warningless for all you -Wall purists.

Yes, that's it folks, not much excitement today.

Except for the translators' efforts, of course! - it seems that the following translations were updated Estonian (Ivar), British (David), Portuguese (Duarte), Simplified Chinese (Funda), two kinds of Norwegian (Kjartan), Lithuanian (Aygimantas), Slovak (Marcel), Brazilian Portuguese (Raphael), German (Frank), Polish (GNOME PL Team), Czech (Miloslav), Albanian (Laurent), Japanese (Takeshi), Dutch (Tino), Spanish (Francisco Javier), Canadian English (Adam) and Hungarian (Laszlo).


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