GGV 2.8.1
Posted on: 12/05/2004 06:49 PM

GGV 2.8.1 has been released

GGV 2.8.1 "Arf Arf", the first bug-fix release in the 2.8 series, which is - besides being destined to update your wonderful 2.8 release of the fabulous Gnome desktop environment - also appropriate for the possible 2.9 development release that you might use to give you that feeling of living on the bleeding edge, never sure of what comes next.

- fix a bug that caused compressed files without a %!PS- line in the header not to be handled properly,
- fix updating of the title (Subrahmanyam Madduri),
- removed PDF-related options from the preferences dialog (may be explicitly enabled during build time) and updated the documentation to reflect this,
- fixes required to make it build in bizarre build environments,
- improved configure script options,
- new Nepali translation (Pawan Chitrakar),
- updated Danish (Martin), Bulgarian (Radostin), French (Cristophe), Hungarian (Gabor), Canadian English (Adam), Malay (Hasbullah), Italian (Francesco), Persian (Meelad), Traditional Chines (GNOME HK Team).


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