GGV 2.5.99
Posted on: 03/05/2004 04:02 PM

GGV 2.5.99 is out

All anxious to release 2.6.0, I proudly present the last few enhancements to GGV before that long-awaited moment:

- Ms Brenda Colgan of Sun's Merry Band of Documentators has provided us with an all new version of GGV documentation, bringing the docs closer to the reality once again,
- Shakti Sen has made Preferences dialog's Help button work,
- the folks at The Written Word have commited some build fixes,
- I was rather lazy this time, fixing only #136238, which had a significant performance impact when there was a lot of "recent" files around. thanks to James Willcox for spotting this.

The translators have been updating the Azerbaijani, Swedish
(Christian), Portuguese (Duarte), Danish (Ole), Albanian (Laurent), Thai (Paisa), German (Christian), Hindi (Guntupalli), Korean (Changwoo), Italian (Francesco), Dutch (Kees), Estonian (Priit), French (Christophe), Lithuanian (Dygimantas) and Arabic (Arafat) translations.


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