Gfax 0.7.5
Posted on: 10/27/2006 01:33 PM

Gfax 0.7.5 has been released:

GFAX provides the familiar "pop up" window and phone book support when one "prints" to a "fax" printer. Received facsimiles on your Hylafax server are also available for viewing and printing.

What's new?
* Hylafax received facsimiles can now be viewed/printed or deleted.
* Evolution addressbooks are now supported. See Note 1 in the README.
* Hylafax jobs can be modified after sending.
* Newer GTK file dialog supported.
* Some other small UI changes.
* Phone books and spool directory is moved to ~/.config and ~/.local.
* Existing Gfax Phonebooks will be moved automatically.
* Fix crasher bug if entering text in "Current Phone Book" entry.
* Fix return value when no contacts, should have been 0 not null
* Rename Contact class to GfaxContact so it doesn't conflict with Evolution.
* Added shortcut key for "New Fax"
* Added error dialog if fax number is empty when "Send" is hit.
* Removed preferences button, added Edit menu with preferences.
* Change gfax.proc file location to ~/.local/share/gfax/gfax.proc .
* Other small bugs.

Where to get it?

You can find it at


George Farris

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