Get to Know Slackware 9.1
Posted on: 09/24/2003 05:07 AM

OSNews has published a review on Slackware 9.1

Slackware 9.1 comes in two CDs and it's Installation is text-based. People who have used Debian or FreeBSD before they would find themselves accustomed to the theme. The only snag might be that the user will need to use the command line and not extremely user-friendly fdisk application to create partitions for Slackware. A tip: to avoid problems later, select the "full installation," it will save you some headaches along the way. Slackware successfully found most of my hardware - 2 sound cards, network card, 2 CD/CDRWs, USB, and my PCI Firewire card. However, XFree86 requires manual tweaking by editing its configuration file and adding your monitor specs and graphics card driver to load. Using a mouse with a wheel would also require you to add the ZAxis and IMPS/2 (for PS/2 mice) options on that file.

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