Gentoo Linux LiveCD 0.7
Posted on: 08/08/2002 09:22 AM

Christoph Lameter has released version 0.7 of his Gentoo Linux Live CDs

The Live CD is a CD with lots of software that can be run directly off the CD. An attempt was made to have hardware detected and drivers loaded without any special configuration. The CD allows an easy installation of Gentoo Linux with a comfortable tool set.

New in 0.7:
- gcc 3.1.1
- Upgrade various packages
- Change bootup graphics mode

[url=mod.php?mod=downloadsop=getitlid=70]Download Gentoo Linux LiveCD Workstation[/url]
[url=mod.php?mod=downloadsop=getitlid=71]Download Gentoo Linux LiveCD Server[/url]

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