GDM2 2.14.0 (stable), the "Configurable" release
Posted on: 03/14/2006 10:39 AM

GDM2 2.14.0 (stable) has been released

The 2.14.0 release is a stable release of GDM2 that contains all the exciting new features added since GDM 2.8. The reason that the minor version bumped from 8 to 14 was to better match the GNOME release schedule.

New features include a revamped gdmsetup program that better conforms to the HIG and implements usability suggestions from Calum Benson. Internally GDM's configuration management was rewritten to support system-wide and machine specific configuration. Other GDM GUI programs have also received HIG attention. GDM has some performance tunings and no longer depends on libgnome or libgnomeui.

GDM greeter themes now support an "Options" button which causes the F10 menu to appear. This can be used to create less cluttered themes. Also greeter themes can now specify which GTK+ theme to use to control the appearance of the F10/Options menu, the entry field, and other GTK+ widgets used by the theme.

There is a new "secure remote" feature and a new "prefetch" feature that can optionally be turned on via configure arguments. Refer to the GDM documentation for details.

The GDM documentation and the gdmdynamic program have been improved. Many bug fixes.

GDM2 2.14.0 (stable)

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