Gazpacho 0.3.2
Posted on: 01/19/2005 03:14 AM

Version 0.3.2 of Gazpacho, a graphical user interface designer, has been released

There are no new features on this releases but a lot of bug fixes and code cleanups made from very good known Gnome hackers. This is the list:

- Lots of code cleanups. Gazpacho is PEP-8 compliant now and pychecker also likes us more (Johan Dahlin)
- Improve Project View selection (Johan)
- Rearrange some widgets in the palette (Johan)
- Fix bug in placeholder drawing (John Ehresman)
- Make it more compatible with libglade (Lorenzo)
- Fix bugs about XML serialization (Lorenzo)
- Much better initialization code (Johan)
- Better localmode and use of FileChooser instead of
FileSel (Jonathan Blandford)

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