GARNOME Weekly Build: 20050715.1850
Posted on: 07/15/2005 09:04 AM

GARNOME Weekly Snapshot Build: 20050715
(ok, really it's a daily build, but we're not telling anyone)

...and then comes all the 2.11.5 updates [1].

The unstable series has a been re-released to include a number of 2.11.5 tarballs, as well as fixes to a number of the applications in geektoys and fifth-toe to ensure they build with the unstable GARNOME desktop.

Other notable fixes include:

* Firefox patches have been re-arranged for better maintenance, as well
as another crasher fix being added (m.b.o #297594)

* Firefox / Epiphany may now actually print (Joseph)

* Blank menus should no longer appear when .directory files exist
(b.g.o #305748)

In addition, as a once-off tweak, the re-release comes in two flavours:

* The standard flavour. [20050715.1850.tar.bz2]

* The 'Shaun McCance and his team of monkeys dominate the world'

flavour. Which includes enhancements to the Clearlooks theme to

enhance readability [20050715.1850.themed.tar.bz2]

First time users of the Weekly Builds should note:


They are simply snapshots of the latest GARNOME working tree, with build
patches -- in no way are they tested as extensively as the actual releases
are -- if you're looking for a tested desktop solution, grab the versioned
releases instead.

Snapshot tarballs are marked as GARNOME-$(majorversion)-$(date).$(time)
and can be downloaded from:


Any questions, join the IRC channel (#garnome on irc://, or

join the GARNOME mailing list.



[1] ftp-release-list is strangely quiet :)

[2] By 'work', I mean 'do anything, including, but not being limited to, successfully compiling'

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