GARNOME 2.9.90
Posted on: 02/04/2005 05:36 AM

GARNOME 2.10 Beta 1 is available

The latest 'we're tracking development' version of GARNOME distribution for those who want hang out on the bleeding edge of development, but don't want to worry about package names and dependencies is out and about.

This release incorporates the GNOME 2.10 Beta 1 Desktop Developer

Platform, as well as a number of patches that have been doing the 'please test these, they're probably quite important' round on GNOME Bugzilla, so they can be tested as widely as possible for inclusion into 2.10.

Oh, one other thing -- i'm aware that Beagle doesn't build already, anyone interested in helping me make it work for the next release, is welcome to swing past the IRC channel (#garnome on GimpNet) -- where we'll be attempting to sort it out between now and DDP Beta 2.

Download (MD5: b1ad22b04b298ab0c01d7ed1b7650776)

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