Posted on: 01/24/2005 10:45 AM

GARNOME has been released

The original GARNOME 2.9.4 tarball had some warts that needed fixing, hopefully this release gets rid of all the major ones -- including:

* The location for the freedesktop related files in bootstrap.
* Building desktop/libgnomesu no longer holds up a download session.
* Building desktop/ximian-connector works.
* Building mono/beagle works.
* Building fifth-toe/totem no longer requires auto-foo to be installed.
* glib and GTK+ no longer have those random crashers people experienced.

All in all, if you had trouble with the original release, this one might be better for you.

Download (MD5: d2fdd93438db6a5f9474d1adee7829b9)

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