Posted on: 09/21/2005 08:21 AM

GARNOME has been released:

Originally, this was supposed to be released a week after the original 2.12.0 release, but pushing it back a week allowed the development team to catch some additional bugs in some non-linux platforms that also deserved fixing. is an interim release over the original, designed to fix bugs and allow applications that were released after the upstream GNOME release to be included.

The following GARNOME specific bugs have been fixed:

* desktop/evolution has the pilot-0.12-link file correctly checksummed
* desktop/gnome-speech will link against GARNOME's bonobo install
* desktop/totem will no longer attempt to install the mozilla plugin to /us

There have also been a number of post-2.12.0 fixes from upstream projects included in this release to increase the stability of a GARNOME desktop.

MD5: 66740205d9bed41a164c4d1e12483cb0

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