GARNOME 2.11.5
Posted on: 07/20/2005 04:28 PM

GARNOME 2.11.5 has been released

This release incorporates all of the GNOME 2.11.5 Desktop and Developer Platform, including glib/gtk+ 2.7.x and cairo, as well as the latest versions of the Mono platform to keep even the most keen bug hunter on their toes.

In addition, it includes a number of useful new applications for the GNOME desktop as a whole, and the ClearlooksBlue theme, to give everything that nice, well rounded and professional look and feel.

That said -- and while this release has actually been more stringently tested than it's snapshot counterpart -- it's still likely to do things that are weird and unexpected ... maybe ... that's just the nature of the beast.

In particular, GCC 4.x users may want to take a look at: and then uncomment the CFLAGS workaround in your file before beginning your build.

Aside from that, READ the README's, join the mailing list, use the IRC channel -- and most of all, report bugs -- all of which will help make GNOME 2.12 a happier and safer place for everyone.

MD5: cd6b0cb1ea2075f7b25635a2c6655bb0

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