Posted on: 03/18/2005 05:52 AM

GARNOME has been released. Here the announcement:

GARNOME 2.10.0 had some rather fatal issues, that made it much harder to compile than it should have been -- so your trusty GARNOMEies have been hard at work since the original release, fixing bugs and quirks all over the place ... in an attempt to make a version that can be prefixed as truly 'stable'.

Major issues fixed or otherwise resolved since 2.10.0 include:

* glib, gtk+ and pango now compile with 'minimal debugging' enabled -- in an effort to get badly behaved applications to work properly. [1]

* a number of GCC 2.95.x and 4.0.x incompatibilities have been fixed.

* gnome-system-monitor is now buildable.

* the bug in gnome-floppy that caused people to have to modify kernel headers to get it to compile correctly, has been corrected.

* the panel will now load the mixer applet correctly at startup.

* nautilus will no longer crash on startup, the included patches have been updated to correct the issue.

* right-clicking the panel will no longer crash either.

* ... nor will epiphany, file-roller or rhythmbox :)

* Musicbrainz has been included in bootstrap/ to make the sound-juicer build work on systems where packages are not actually available.

* and more.

Basically, this is an essential upgrade for anyone and everyone whotried out GARNOME 2.10.0 -- my sincerest apologies to everyone who tried to build it and failed, hopefully is a release that does what the original release should have done.

As always, if there are any questions about the release, the mailing list or #garnome on irc:// are the places to be.

MD5: 1ceb7082e0b23fd624cb03737439cf54

Happy GARNOMEing,



[1] This was actually the default for stable GARNOME 2.6.x and 2.8.x, the fact it is still the default for 2.10.x is actually quite depressing.

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