GAIM 0.68/Sylpheed 0.9.5 for RH 9
Posted on: 09/04/2003 10:46 AM

GAIM 0.68 and Sylpheed 0.9.5 RPMs are now available for Red Hat Linux 9 at FreshRPMs

GAIM 0.68
A Gtk2 based multiprotocol instant messaging client. Gaim allows you to talk to anyone using a variety of messaging protocols, including AIM (Oscar and TOC), ICQ, IRC, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, Napster, and Zephyr. These protocols are implemented using a modular, easy to use design. To use a protocol, just load the plugin for it.

Gaim supports many common features of other clients, as well as many unique features, such as perl scripting and C plugins.

Gaim is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by AOL.

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Sylpheed 0.9.5
A full-featured GTK+ based fast e-mail client. Sylpheed is an e-mail client (and news reader) based on GTK+, running on X Window System, and aiming for quick responses, a graceful and sophisticated interface, easy configuration, intuitive operation and abundant features.

The appearance and interface are similar to some popular e-mail clients for Windows, such as Outlook Express, Becky!, and Datula. The interface is also designed to emulate the mailers on Emacsen, and almost all commands are accessible with the keyboard.

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