First Look at Linspire 5.0
Posted on: 03/21/2005 07:37 AM

Mad Penguin take a first look at Linspire 5.0

Many of our steady readers are well familiar with my discontent with Linspire (then known as Lindows) and their seemingly foul intention as far as the community was concerned, but let me tell you I am a changed man. To me, Linspire came from nowhere, a completely different angle than their founder Michael Robertson's previous venture, (currently owned by CNET Networks, Inc.). I believe that to many of us, it seemed that Michael was attempting to cash in on the desktop Linux boom that was sure to come. They were taking applications from the Open Source community, renaming them, and adding them to their Click N Run warehouse. CNR is basically Linspire's own apt-get repository with a web-based front end not unlike an online shopping mall.

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